Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tortorella Talks Avery, Biron And More!!

John Tortorella did an interview with Stan Fischler over at!  This is part 1 of the 2 part interview.  He definitely had a lot to say and seemed very optimistic about how the offseason has gone and how the Rangers will fair next season.  Here is some of what he had said to say:

"I feel good about what we did so far this Summer," he shot back. "We didn't deal any of our kids and the foundation for the team is in place. We have to build a club without relying totally on free agency. We want to keep our youthful core and keep adding to it."

^ I am glad to here he is behind the offseason moves and behind the direction the team is going.  Keeping a core and youth movement going will be very important to our future success and it is good to see the Torts is behind it.

"I'm anxious to see Frolov in offensive positions," Torts went on. "He'll start with Gabby and we'll see how they work together. Frolov can score; he's a talented guy."

"He's(Dubinsky) best on the wing," said the coach. "I liked the way he came on in the last months of the season and I hope he keeps improving. Another core guy is Ryan Callahan. He brings a lot of intangibles -- killing penalties, blocking shots -- and I hope he can score more this year."

"After I benched him(Avery) against the Thrashers, he played his best hockey but I don't know why it came down to that. Despite what some have said, I put no handcuffs on him. I want Sean to show his personality. Last year I gave him a lot of opportunities and now that I think about it, I may have left him in too long. The bottom line is that if he's not involved, he won't play."

^ Bullshit in my eyes but Avery has stated that he will return next season so I guess we will have to wait and see as by this comment it seems that Torts has no restrictions on Avery!

Click here for the full article with more on Biron, Anisimov and Christensen!!


  1. I like what Torts is saying but I am not sure if he should be the coach in the longterm

  2. Agreed... Do not think he is the long term answer but he is here right now and I'm glad he supports our direction as a team.

  3. if Torts is behind the youth movement/core then he might stay around a little longer because the team might not be good for a couple of years and it's good to keep around one coach while they are developing.

  4. You no how much I hate Torts but we r stuck with him so he better let Avery play his game because he can be very effective with his style if the coach lets him do his thing!