Thursday, August 12, 2010 Interview With Ryan Callahan!!

Another post about Ryan Callahan today. Dan David had an article on where he had an interview with Callahan.  Callahan is one of the Rangers key young core players and could play a huge role on this team when we become contenders, hopefully in the next few years with all the young talent we have coming up.  Callahan will be an RFA after this season and look for the Rangers to lock him up as he will be a very useful player in the future.  He has shown a scoring touch with 22 goals and 19 goals the last two season respectively.  Here is some of what Callahan had to say:

“I'm gearing up for a hard training camp,” said Callahan, who has spent the off-season in his native Rochester, N.Y. “But from previous summers, not too much has changed for me workout-wise or in terms of conditioning. I think in previous summers I pushed myself hard and got myself ready for camp. It's just status quo with the way I lift and the conditioning that I do."

"I think one of the biggest things about last year is that even though we didn't make the playoffs, we have all of these core guys coming back and we'll use that as motivation," said Callahan. "Everybody knows what we went through last year and what a disappointment it was at the end of the year. So it's pretty important that we're all still together and we all can look back on previous years and what we've been through together. I think we're all definitely a lot more hungry. It was tough and I know, personally, it has been a long summer. I think the biggest thing is coming back and not looking at not making the playoffs as a negative, but to turn it around and take it as a positive and as a learning experience."

It seems like everyone is behind the fact that the Rangers are going to be bringing back a core group of players which they have not done in recent season.

"I think a big part of why we started off the year so well last year was that everybody came in early and was prepared and ready to go right from day one of camp," said Callahan. "Hopefully, we'll have the same result going into this year."

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  1. He is definitely a leader of this team and canidate to wear the "C" some day. Hope he inspires the rest of the team to work hard this season.

  2. I would give him the "C" right now if it meant we lose Drury's cap hit

  3. Agree 100% would give him the "C" right now.

  4. Cally's the future captain in my eyes - something I actually wrote about today over at - the guy just has everything you'd want in a captain. Says the right things, does the right things, etc.

  5. Yeah Cally is definitely the fiture "C" and if Drury wasn't here, he could possibly be the choice right now....