Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NHL Twitter Update!!

I will run an NHL Twitter Update about twice a month for now on.  Once at the beginning of the month and once sometime in the middle.  I recommend you join Twitter if you haven't already as it is a great source for information and news and a place to talk to some of your favorite NHL players.  You do not have to Tweet yourself if you do not want to but follow others for news and information. I will give you a list of all the new NHL players (only ones that have been confirmed/verified and no fakes) who have joined Twitter and some of what they have to offer.  Also I will give some of the best Tweets from Players/Writers/Reporters from the past half month during each write-up.  Since August 4th we have had 8 NHL players/prospects join Twitter.

Bobby Ryan(Anaheim Ducks) (U.S Olympian) twitter.com/b_ryan9

You know it's jersey when a door opens and a wave of humidity almost knocks you over.less than a minute ago via Echofon

Join me after this for rest of the NHL Players/Prospects who have joined twitter...

CBJ Porspect Brandon Archibald: twitter.com/archibald9210 Confirmed by twitter.com/usahockey

My favorite part: sign at the toll says wait is forty five minutes due to high volume...what about the hour and fifteen just to get here?
less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Nashvile Predators 1st Round Pick Austin Watson: twitter.com/watty61 (only tweeted twice)- Confirmed by twitter.com/usahockey

2011 NHL Draft Prospect Justin Sefton: twitter.com/justinsefton (only tweeted once)- Confirmed by Brandon Archibald

Retired NHL Player Steve Webb: twitter.com/stevewebb20 Confirmed by twitter.com/nhlpa

7 years later & Leafs Nation still hates me. luv the passion that lies in the NY sports fans and canadian leaf fans. thx 4 warm welcomes
less than a minute ago via web

Rob Schremp- NY Islanders- twitter.com/RobSchremp Confirmed by Chris Botta, Jeff Marek and Katie Strang!

watching the bacherlor pad with the boys of London
less than a minute ago via web

Dustin Brown- U.S Olympian, LaKings All-Star/Captain- twitter.com/dustinbrown23 Confirmed by his Reps at NortonSports!

Building a playground for the kids of Carson help us decide which one to build options are here: http://bit.ly/d2W90q thanks!
less than a minute ago via web

Evander Kane- Atlanta Thrashers- twitter.com/EKaneATL9 Confirmed by Atlanta Thrashers Official Twitter twitter.com/atlthrashers.

boxing in an hour hope this goes by fast
less than a minute ago via web

So this wasn't bad enough.....

Players who deleted there account:
Sean Avery
Jack Campbell
Paul Bissonette
Patrick Berglund


  1. Paul Bissonette is on Facebook. Updates pretty often...

  2. I think im going to join Twitter. Alot of my friends use it and it would be cool to follow some Hockey players.

  3. Lets GOOOO RangersAugust 17, 2010 at 5:56 PM

    I can't get enough of that video