Sunday, August 15, 2010

NYRangers Pound 4 Pound: Derek Boogaard!

I went through the archives and found some of Derek Boogaard's best fights.  Since it seems that is all the 6'8 monster can do anyway.  With him scoring no goals the last four seasons.  But I guess that's why he only received a 4 year deal worth over $1.6M a season.  He is only 28 so maybe he will learn how to skate while with the Rangers but that discussion is for another time.  As long as he fights like he does in some of the videos I will post then I think most Rangers fans won't be thinking about his contract...

Tale Of The Tape:
Age: 28
Height: 6'8
Weight: 257 pounds
Position: LW
Nickname: The Boogey Man!
# of NHL Fights: 59 (5 seasons)
# of AHL fights: 48 (2 seasons)
# of WHL Fights: 66 (3 seasons)
Total # of Fights: 173 (10 seasons) Awards: (21 nominations, 8 wins)
2006-07 Fight Of The Year
2005-06 KO Of The Year (KO of Gillies)
2006-07 Fighter Of The Year
2006-07 People's Choice Award
2006-07 Kimble Award-Most Exciting Fighter
2005-06 and 2006-07 Best Punching Power/Most Destructive Fighter
2006-07 Best Player Feud

Join me after this for my favorite Boogey Man throw downs...

This is him schooling Boll:

This isn't fair:

Do you think Prust remebers this hit? Probably not! Looked like Mac slipped!


  1. the on against Boll is unfair lmaoo

  2. Pretty good fighter with a crazy contract. I like him for half the price. But we got him so hopefully he kills Carcillo and others.

  3. Yeah he schooled Boll and shitted on Boyton and Roy lmaoo hes definitely a good fighter without a doubt!!!!

  4. Yeah he is definitely not an old bag like Brashear so he should win his fights and scare his opponents but the contract is sad. If the Oilers really offered 4yr/$7M then let him go.

  5. hes a good fighter but hasnt scored in 4 years? Shelley scored plenty for us in the fighter role!

  6. I think we have to wait and see what he does. No1 expected Shelley to play that well and he did although he was not getting paid 1.6 million a year but I think we need to wait and see!

  7. YEAH Some of these fights are crazy, he wins almost all his fights.

  8. this is coming from a Wild Fan, you guys will love him but with that said I would not have signed him 2 that contract lol

  9. Lets GOOOO RangersAugust 15, 2010 at 9:53 PM

    I love the way you did this with Tale Of The Tape and everything. Some really good fights. I love Boogey Man already.

  10. Boll is a good fighter and like you said he schooled him. Probably just too big for Boll to handle.

  11. Yeah the plan is 2 do 1 for Prust and Avery also. Maybe Cally if he has enoguh fights in his catalogue. Alos maybe some retired Rangers like Barnaby, Domi and others...

  12. Lets GOOOO RangersAugust 15, 2010 at 10:05 PM

    Great I can't wait to see those as well. Great idea 2 do this as like a series with Prust and Avery and doing retired players would be great also.

  13. Will it be Booooo or Booooooogg? I wonder!!

  14. Most of the time we will be hearing BOOOOO!! lol

  15. After watching these videos I can't wait to see this guy fight!