Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday News All In 1 Post!! (UPDATED Already)

I have had a very busy Monday but have found some time to update the blog.  So here is all of today's "news" in 1 post.  If anything else breaks on the Rangers front or any NHL news happens then I will most likely just update this post.  Unless of course it is really big news then I will find some time to create a new post for you guys.

Steve Zipay confirmed through Twitter earlier today that the Rangers will be unveiling there third jerseys in November.  Hopefully they put some time into these as it is obviously just a grab at more money but if they look good then I won't really care.  But if they look like shit then there is no point in putting them out as no fans will buy them.

Over at Beyond The Blueshirts Laurie Carr translated an Alex Frolov interview in Russian.  Check it out as Frolov discusses KHL vs. NHL and much more.  Definitely a good read for Rangers fans.

Head over to the The NYR Blog for all the latest news on the Rangers.  Some small news broke today and you can read it all over there.  Stall negotiations are going no where and some other news.

Check out a video Minnesota Wild goalie Josh Harding doing some charity work and helping to build houses.

Here is a picture of UFC Star Kenny Florian in the Bruins locker room with Bruins tough guy Shawn Thornton.

Yesterday a bunch of us Rangers/Prucha fans were able to get #Prucha to the #9 trending topic in NYC.  For people who use twitter, they know this was not an easy task.  Especially since he plays in Phoenix now and it is in the middle of the offseason.  But here is the proof!

The Hartford Wolf Pack have just announced that they have resigned defensemen Jared Nightingale.  He is veteran and could provide some leadership with the team.

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