Friday, September 17, 2010

NYRangers New Third Jersey Photo Leaks!!

Found this over at Puck Daddy. The photo was leaked by Sean Avery by himself on his website

Looks exactly like what everyone had reported it would look like but for some reason the image in my head looked much better then this.  I personally hate it and will definitely not be buying one.  To simple and flat out ugly in my opinion.  If this was there plan then they shouldn't have done one to begin with.  Not much else to say about it!!

Some Pics From Around The NHL Training Camps!!

Kari Lehtonen's Chuck Norris Themed Mask!!
Some NHL teams have been releasing pics through Twitter from there Training Camps.  Some of the pics are of players getting headshots and pictures taken.  Others are of them talking to the media and some are of players already on the ice.  I found some of them to be interesting especially this one of Kari Lehtonen's new goalie mask with a Chuck Norris theme.

So join me after this for a look inside NHL Training Camps...

Steve Zipay Tweets That MZA Is Struggling!!

Steve Zipay is with the Rangers at training camp reporting live and has stated that Zuccarello struggled through the first drill.  Now we all know that Torts runs a tough camp but this is definitely not what most Rangers fans wanted to hear.  A lot of us were hoping MZA would impress and have a great camp and maybe secure a spot on the team.  But it is still early so I guess we shouldn't jump the gun to quick.

"Zuccarello among players struggling in first drills"

The NYRangers also tweeted through there official Twitter account that Matt Gilroy was one of the most impressive early on.  Great news as he has obviously come into camp ready to make a splash and make an impact on this team.

"Group One finishes session of 3 sprint laps 6 times; Matt Gilroy was flying through all six, impressive"

NYRangers Training Camp Starts Today!!!!!!!

Today marks the start of Training Camp for NHL teams.  This is a great time of year as NHL fans get to know who came to make the team and what prospects still have a little further to go.  It also means the start of the NHL season is right around the corner.  We all know that Torts has one of the toughest camps out there and all players need to come ready or they will have issues making the team.

The Rangers have a lot of questions that need to be answered and all will be answered in the coming weeks.

Is Redden done? Will prospects MZA, Grachev, Stepan and McDonagh make the opening night roster? Will Exelby, Semenov and/or Fedotenko play well enough to earn a contract? Will new guys Kennedy and White make the team? Who will Frolov click with? There are many questions that need to be answered and hopefully the coaching staff can answer them in the coming weeks.

Look here for updates during the day and also follow @thenyrangers and @stevezipay on Twitter.

NYRangers Media Day Photo Shoot Pics!!

The NYRangers released some photos of some of the Rangers biggest stars. The pictures were released via the Rangers official Twitter account.

Monday, September 13, 2010

NYRangers Lose To The Hurricanes In Traverse City Tourney!!

The Rangers played their second game of the Traverse City Tournament yesterday against the Carolina Hurricanes.  But unlike in the first game, the Rangers could not find any offense and were shutout 1-0.

The Rangers played well, tallying 33 shots but Hurricanes goaltender Mike Murphy was able to stop all 33 of those shots. Rangers goalie Cam Talbot also had a great game but allowed one more goal then Murphy and that's all the Canes would need to win. 

Here is what NYRangers 1st round pick Dylan McIlrath had to say after the game: "Both goalies were great, but their goalie stole the game for them," said Rangers defenseman Dylan McIlrath, the Blueshirts' 2010 first-round draft pick. "We deserved to win, I think, because we outplayed them."

For a full recap of the game head over to The Rangers Website!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

NYRangers Start Traverse City Tourney Off With A Bang

The Rangers started the Annual Traverse City Tournament off with a win over Columbus.  This Tourney is a great way for the Rangers to see there prospects in action while also giving them some much needed experience and continuity amongst each other. 
Well they didn't disappoint as the Rangers prospects came through with a 5-4 win.  The game went back and forth until Evgeny Grachev netted the game winning goal with only 6.1 seconds left.  He is what he had to say about the play after the game: 

"We had a set play there," said Grachev. "The coaches told Stepan to get the puck to me at the top of the circle. If I had time, I could shoot it, and if I didn't, I could just keep it going to the d-man behind me, and he would take the shot. Bourque was there in the hashmarks to screen the goalie and disrupt the d-men for Columbus. I got the puck right away and felt I had time to shoot it, so I shot it."

For a complete recap of the game head over to The Rangers Website.  They have complete coverage of the tourney and will keep you updated on all news and notes.  It is to bad the games are not on the NHL Network as they have been in previous years.  This is a great way for fans of the participating teams to get to know more about there teams top prospects while enjoying some much needed Hockey right before the season starts.