Friday, September 17, 2010

NYRangers New Third Jersey Photo Leaks!!

Found this over at Puck Daddy. The photo was leaked by Sean Avery by himself on his website

Looks exactly like what everyone had reported it would look like but for some reason the image in my head looked much better then this.  I personally hate it and will definitely not be buying one.  To simple and flat out ugly in my opinion.  If this was there plan then they shouldn't have done one to begin with.  Not much else to say about it!!

Some Pics From Around The NHL Training Camps!!

Kari Lehtonen's Chuck Norris Themed Mask!!
Some NHL teams have been releasing pics through Twitter from there Training Camps.  Some of the pics are of players getting headshots and pictures taken.  Others are of them talking to the media and some are of players already on the ice.  I found some of them to be interesting especially this one of Kari Lehtonen's new goalie mask with a Chuck Norris theme.

So join me after this for a look inside NHL Training Camps...

Steve Zipay Tweets That MZA Is Struggling!!

Steve Zipay is with the Rangers at training camp reporting live and has stated that Zuccarello struggled through the first drill.  Now we all know that Torts runs a tough camp but this is definitely not what most Rangers fans wanted to hear.  A lot of us were hoping MZA would impress and have a great camp and maybe secure a spot on the team.  But it is still early so I guess we shouldn't jump the gun to quick.

"Zuccarello among players struggling in first drills"

The NYRangers also tweeted through there official Twitter account that Matt Gilroy was one of the most impressive early on.  Great news as he has obviously come into camp ready to make a splash and make an impact on this team.

"Group One finishes session of 3 sprint laps 6 times; Matt Gilroy was flying through all six, impressive"

NYRangers Training Camp Starts Today!!!!!!!

Today marks the start of Training Camp for NHL teams.  This is a great time of year as NHL fans get to know who came to make the team and what prospects still have a little further to go.  It also means the start of the NHL season is right around the corner.  We all know that Torts has one of the toughest camps out there and all players need to come ready or they will have issues making the team.

The Rangers have a lot of questions that need to be answered and all will be answered in the coming weeks.

Is Redden done? Will prospects MZA, Grachev, Stepan and McDonagh make the opening night roster? Will Exelby, Semenov and/or Fedotenko play well enough to earn a contract? Will new guys Kennedy and White make the team? Who will Frolov click with? There are many questions that need to be answered and hopefully the coaching staff can answer them in the coming weeks.

Look here for updates during the day and also follow @thenyrangers and @stevezipay on Twitter.

NYRangers Media Day Photo Shoot Pics!!

The NYRangers released some photos of some of the Rangers biggest stars. The pictures were released via the Rangers official Twitter account.

Monday, September 13, 2010

NYRangers Lose To The Hurricanes In Traverse City Tourney!!

The Rangers played their second game of the Traverse City Tournament yesterday against the Carolina Hurricanes.  But unlike in the first game, the Rangers could not find any offense and were shutout 1-0.

The Rangers played well, tallying 33 shots but Hurricanes goaltender Mike Murphy was able to stop all 33 of those shots. Rangers goalie Cam Talbot also had a great game but allowed one more goal then Murphy and that's all the Canes would need to win. 

Here is what NYRangers 1st round pick Dylan McIlrath had to say after the game: "Both goalies were great, but their goalie stole the game for them," said Rangers defenseman Dylan McIlrath, the Blueshirts' 2010 first-round draft pick. "We deserved to win, I think, because we outplayed them."

For a full recap of the game head over to The Rangers Website!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

NYRangers Start Traverse City Tourney Off With A Bang

The Rangers started the Annual Traverse City Tournament off with a win over Columbus.  This Tourney is a great way for the Rangers to see there prospects in action while also giving them some much needed experience and continuity amongst each other. 
Well they didn't disappoint as the Rangers prospects came through with a 5-4 win.  The game went back and forth until Evgeny Grachev netted the game winning goal with only 6.1 seconds left.  He is what he had to say about the play after the game: 

"We had a set play there," said Grachev. "The coaches told Stepan to get the puck to me at the top of the circle. If I had time, I could shoot it, and if I didn't, I could just keep it going to the d-man behind me, and he would take the shot. Bourque was there in the hashmarks to screen the goalie and disrupt the d-men for Columbus. I got the puck right away and felt I had time to shoot it, so I shot it."

For a complete recap of the game head over to The Rangers Website.  They have complete coverage of the tourney and will keep you updated on all news and notes.  It is to bad the games are not on the NHL Network as they have been in previous years.  This is a great way for fans of the participating teams to get to know more about there teams top prospects while enjoying some much needed Hockey right before the season starts.

NYRangers Invite Some Veterans To Camp!!

The New York Rangers have decided to invite some veterans and familiar faces to Training Camp on a tryout basis.  Some of these choices were surprising and others seemed useless.

First news broke that the Rangers invited 2-time Stanley Cup winner Ruslan Fedotenko to camp.  I saw no problem with this at all and in my opinion the more players at camp the better.  But it seems as though a lot of Rangers fans disagree with this move.  Most consider him just another 40 point guy who fits the 3rd-4th line role.  While I am somewhat agree, he can also be much more.  He was a major part of two Cup winning teams and came through in the clutch for Tampa in the 2004 Cup Finals scoring both goals for the Lightning in game 7.  If they had signed him I would be a little upset by the move but it's only a tryout and they can always catch lightning in a bottle.

Join me after this for more....

Which Maple Leafs Hockey Inception Video Do You Like Better??

I pose this question as some crazy Toronto Maple Leafs fan has decided to challenge the first creator of the Maple Leafs Inception Highlight Video.  I happen to love these videos and think there a great way to get pumped for the new hockey season.  The soundtrack is perfect in my opinion and its just a great way to showcase your team.  So we have a new Toronto Maple Leafs video and I would like to know which one you like better!!

The Original:

The New One:

So which one is better???

Blog Update: I'm Back!!!

I have been spending this weekend(Friday-Sunday) up in Boston with four of my closest friends.  We are having a great time but sadly have to leave today. 

But not before we go to the Bengals-Patriots game which I'm excited to see.  I love going to new stadiums and meeting new fans(even if they're from Boston) and just enjoying the experience and the game.  Hopefully it's a good one as both teams made the playoffs last year but feel like they have something to prove after getting ousted in the first round.

I usually do not get great seats when I go to a football game but my friends got some great seats on the 40-yard line very close to the field.  I will definitely be sporting my OchoCinco jersey and waiting for Chad and T.O to blow up in each others face.

So I just thought I'd let you know what was going on but I will 100% be returning to the blog tomorrow with daily updates and my own write-ups of daily NHL and NYRangers news.  Technically I am returning today since I wrote up this blog and have 2-3 more that I am finishing up but we will just say I am returning tomorrow.  I feel like I got off to a great start with this blog but have had a lot on my plate of late and haven't had as much time to dedicate to it.  But since school is starting up and the summer is over and I have fully moved, I will have a lot more time to dedicate to my site.  So I hope all of my followers and obviously some new ones join me along for the ride of another crazy up and down NHL season.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reminder: NHL 11 In Stores Today!!

I am not a huge fan of video games but when I do sit down and play, the only game I play is the EA Sports NHL Series.  The game gets better and better every year and is so life like and authentic to hockey.

The newest version of the annual series hit stores today and is available for $59.99 USD.  The game is available for the PS3 and Xbox 360.  A new game titled NHL Slapshot will be released by EA Sports for the Wii. 

I played some of the demo and I definitely recommend this to all Hockey and NHL fans.  Of course that is if you have a video game system around to play the game on.  Whenever I want to sit back and relax this game is always there and presents a real life like hockey feel.  Not only that but there are tons of game modes to play for whatever mood your in.  They have also yet again made over 200+ in game enhancements.  The online game play is great and also has multiple game modes to chose from such as EASHL, EAUHL, Shootout Mode, Online Versus and many more. 

Here is a preview of the game:

A Little Video To Get Us Ready For The 2010-11 Season!!

Since there hasn't been much Rangers news of late, I thought id post a nice video to get us Rangers fans pumped and ready for the 2010-11 season.  The video was made by Loffen1987 on YouTube who has some great NYRangers highlight videos.  Definitely go check out his page and watch some of his videos.  So the video is a highlight reel of Marion Gaborik's goals from last season. I thought it was nice so check it out:

An Apology To My Readers!!!

I would just like to do a quick post apologizing to my readers.  I know over the first month or so here I have developed a small following of readers.  I really didn't expect to get this many people reading what I have to say this early on but I am thankful that you guys even care.

So I just wanted to apologize for my lack of updates to the blog lately but I have been really busy the last two weeks moving and helping others move and countless other business that I had to attend to.

I promise that once Training Camp and the Season starts that I will be updating like I was in the beginning and I will be 100% dedicated to this site.  This blog is important to me as I someday hope to be a sports writer and this is a good starting block.

Friday, September 3, 2010

My NYRangers Season Ticket Picture Gallery!!

All NYRangers Season Ticket Holders were able to go to Madison Square Garden and pick up there Tickets today.  You can also have them mailed but I have had problems with that in the past and choose to go and pick them up.

I usually go with my Dad and pick the Tickets up the first day that they are available.  They have been in my family for 18 years now(including this season) and I plan on keeping them.  My Dad and Uncle first subscribed in the 92-93 season(I was born during March of this season) and when I turn 18 in March, me and my cousin plan on taking over control of the tickets so that we can go to more games together. 

We will probably wait until the start of next season and our parents have agreed to let us have them as long as we have a job and can pay for them on our own.  I took some pictures of our tickets and thought I would share them on here.  So join me after this to see my gallery...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

NHL Center Ice Package News!!

I read an interesting article on Yahoo Sports' hockey blog Puck Daddy about the NHL Center Ice package.  A lot of good points in the article so definitely go check it out.

Here are some of the major points from the article. 
The price has gone up $8.00 from $163.80 to $171.80.  Which in the end is really not that big of a deal.

You can watch a free full-preview of Center Ice from October 7th-24th.  This is great because there is still no word on the whole HDtv issue running around the package over the last few years.  I for one will not buy the package without HD because the picture just doesn't add up to the price for me.  It is apparently on the cable providers to provide the HD feed so I guess we can all find out if ours does during the free preview.

Go check the article for the rest of the news.

Reminder For NYRangers Season Ticket Holders!!

Just a quick reminder to all of us New York Rangers season ticket holders out there, you can pick up your tickets starting tomorrow at 9 am.  You can pick them up at the regular ticket windows inside the Garden.

This is always a great day for me as I get to see my tickets for the first time and it also means that the season is about a month away.  When I open the box up and smell my fresh new overpriced Season Tickets, I feel like the crap we when through last season is over and we can focus in on this team that we always believe will lead us to the Cup again.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2 NEW!!! Hockey Inception Themed Highlight Videos!!

Well it has been awhile since I updated my blog. I have been moving into a new home but I have found some time on this Wednesday morning to search the Internet.  When I reached YouTube I was pleased to see that 2 NEW!! Inception themed Hockey Highlight/Preview videos had been created.  Both have been made within the last week.  One is for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the other is for the Anaheim Ducks. So I am going to stop rambling and you guys can check them out right here:

Click here for the post with the first 5 Inception themed videos in it!!

Alex Ovechkin Capital One Bank Commercial!!

Alex Ovechkin, one of the best goal scorers in the NHL and star of the Washington Capitals has appeared in a Capital One Bank commercial that apparently is running only in the D.C area. I say that because in the commercial that state that they have the most banks in the D.C area. OK yes I am a genius.  I discovered the video from Puck Daddy himself on Twitter.  I found the commercial to be pretty good so I thought I would post on it here.  The quality isn't great but you can still tell what is going on (It was definitely videotaped by someone watching the TV).  So here it is:

NYRangers Sign Tim Kennedy!!

This is somewhat old news(only a couple of days) but since I haven't updated the blog in a week, I thought I'd post it anyway.

The New York Rangers have signed Ex-Sabre Tim Kennedy.  The deal is for one year at $550k. 

The Sabres went to arbitration with Kennedy and he was given a one year $1M deal.  After the team signed it they decided to waive Kennedy and then subsequently buy out the one year deal.  The Sabres will take on a $166k cap hit each of the next two seasons.  The Sabres reportedly only wanted to pay Kennedy around $800k. 

There are two ways to look at this deal.  One being that it is a win-win situation or that the Rangers are just adding another 3rd-4th line player.  I look at it as a win-win and here is why.  He had a solid(not great but solid) rookie season scoring 10 goals and tallying 26 points in 78 games.  If he doesn't work out then he plays a year in the minors for us and that's that.  But with Tortorella's offensive system anything can happen and the Rangers can catch lightning in a bottle and find a player for there future.  It's not like he is 35(Todd White) as he is only 24 and just came off of a decent rookie season.  We also got him for about half of what the arbitrator awarded him which is a great deal.  Also not that Artem Anisimov only had 28 points last year and you do not see anyone giving up on him granted he is two years younger.

Maybe you could look down on this deal if the Rangers paid $1M plus for this guy but they got him at the league minimum which seems to be a great deal.