Friday, September 3, 2010

My NYRangers Season Ticket Picture Gallery!!

All NYRangers Season Ticket Holders were able to go to Madison Square Garden and pick up there Tickets today.  You can also have them mailed but I have had problems with that in the past and choose to go and pick them up.

I usually go with my Dad and pick the Tickets up the first day that they are available.  They have been in my family for 18 years now(including this season) and I plan on keeping them.  My Dad and Uncle first subscribed in the 92-93 season(I was born during March of this season) and when I turn 18 in March, me and my cousin plan on taking over control of the tickets so that we can go to more games together. 

We will probably wait until the start of next season and our parents have agreed to let us have them as long as we have a job and can pay for them on our own.  I took some pictures of our tickets and thought I would share them on here.  So join me after this to see my gallery...

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  1. nice. i hope to get season tickets someday or atleast a parital type plan