Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mixed Reaction Among Rangers Fans!!

Reaction about the Rangers direction as a franchise and the current offseason has been mixed amongst the fan base. A lot of fans seem to think negatively about everything the Rangers do but it seems as though for at least one offseason Glen has figured out what he needs to do to make the Rangers a better team. Granted it took him ten tries at it but that's for another discussion. While there is still plenty of time for Glen to mess up what he has done so far, it seems like the Rangers organization and team is heading in the right direction.

We got started early by signing Mats Zucarello Aasen to a two year contract, paying him $1.75M a year. This is a great signing as we scooped him up quick and this kid could be a dynamic player in the NHL someday. He has some speed and a goal scoring touch and played in the Swedish Elite League with some NHL veterans and they all held high praises for this kid. MZA put up some good numbers over there which should translate well to the NHL. MZA could make the opening night roster but playing a year or half a year in the AHL would not be bad for him as he will be able to get use to the NHL rink and how the game is played with out as much pressure.

Next was the re-signing of Erik Christensen who was a pleasant surprise last year after we claimed him off of waivers from the Ducks. He scored eight goals and added 18 assists in only 49 games. A big factor in the resigning was the fact that he had some pretty good chemistry with Gaborik which at times last year was hard to find. At only 925k for the next two seasons, this is a great deal for a player who has always had the potential to be a big time player in the NHL. One year in juniors he scored 54 goals and added 54 assists in only 69 games. He has also shown the ability to play at the NHL as when he was acquired by the Ducks in 08-09 he had nine points in only 17 games but they failed to find a spot for him the next season and he was placed on waivers. I can't really find any reason to be mad or upset about this trade as there really is not much the Rangers can lose in this signing.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Sean Avery Believes He Will Return Next Season! Do You??

Sean Avery was on Knicks Night Live(save the jokes for later) with his new/old teammate Alexander Frolov and during the interview with Al Trautwig he said he would be back. He told Al the Old Sean Avery will be back but what exactly does this mean?

Will Sean have no regard for what his coaches tell him and go out and do what he feels is best? Has Torts told him that he will be allowed to play a little more on the edge?

I think I speak for most Rangers fans in stating that I would love to see the Old Sean come back and we all know he has it in him. Frankly it makes watching the Rangers even more exciting then they already are. So what if he might get suspended or take more penalties. The addition that Sean brings when playing like himself will out weigh that.

Here are some videos showcasing the "Old" Sean Avery:

NHL on Twitter!!

As we all know social networking has exploded over the last 3 or 4 years and continues to grow with sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. All of these sites help in the NHL growing but especially Twitter.

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Rangers Training Camp Should Be Exciting!!

As we all know the Rangers have a lot of young kids who Blueshirt fans are looking forward to seeing on the ice at The Garden. They will all have for the most part have chance at winning a spot on the opening night roster. We also have a mix of veterans and young players who are already on the roster so it will not be easy for these rookies to make it. They will have to work hard, show all their skills and talents, and show Coach Tortorella and his staff that they really want a spot on the Rangers. All signs point to that creating a great training camp and pre-season as we will see all of our youngsters fighting it out to make the team and maybe even some veterans fighting it out to keep their spot. So I compiled a list of some Rangers rookies who will be fighting it out for a spot on the team and some players who will need to show they deserve to stay:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

With a Stall on Staal, is a trade really that bad?

I ask this question of Rangers fans as it seems like most of us are going crazy about the fact that he has not been signed yet. Now I am a huge Staal fan and realize he is one of the best players and greatest assets we hold as a team. But that is just it, most teams would love and need a player of his caliber on defense. Now I am not saying trade him for nothing or some good prospects but for some players like Staal who have proven they can play at the NHL level. If ten minutes after I publish this he gets signed then I wont be upset but if a trade like what I am about to propose happens then I won't be upset either.

1. Dallas trades Richards and Neal to the Rangers for Staal, Roszival, Boyle, Bourque, Chad Johnson and Werek.

Brad Richards: While it seems as if we are giving up a lot in this trade, I don't really see it. We are receiving a legitimate first line center which most fans agree is our biggest need at the moment. Richards is not some maybe first line center or a could be first line center, he is a first line center. not only that but he won a Stanley Cup under our current Coach John Tortorella and loved playing in his system that he still implements today. He was one of the main fixtures on the '03-'04 Tampa Bay Lighting team that won, averaging a point per game with 79 points in 82 regular season games and 26 points in 23 playoff games. He is also a work horse who in 9 seasons has had five full 82 game seasons and also two 80 game seasons. Only one season has had missed significant time and that was the 2008-2009 season where he only played in 55 games due to a broken wrist. He is also coming off one of his best seasons ever with 91 points during the 2009-2010 campaign which was good for seventh in the league in points. Dallas is also looking to dump salary and probably will not be able to keep Richards after this season and could get something for him now while they still have him. Richards is the perfect Center to play with Gabby as he likes to carry the puck and make the perfect pass to the open sniper and Gabby is very good at finding the open ice without the puck. He is also very good friends with the other piece of the trade James Neal as they room together with the Stars.

James Neal: Neal is a 22 year old(23 in September) RFA that Dallas is also having some of the troubles that we are with Staal and most likely would not trade but with the trade I showed above I could see them moving him. Last year was only his second NHL season and first full season and managed to put together a 28 goal season on a relatively bad team. He is exactly what the Rangers need in a big power forward with plenty of skill. With this trade I could personally guarantee that Rangers fans will not have to worry about secondary scoring again in the near future.