Friday, July 30, 2010

NHL on Twitter!!

As we all know social networking has exploded over the last 3 or 4 years and continues to grow with sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. All of these sites help in the NHL growing but especially Twitter.

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As fans we can now go on our computer, click a few buttons and see what are favorite players have written in a short message or go on Youtube or and see highlights from games. Now the days when you would only dream about meeting your favorite player or hearing what he has to say are gone. Now of course you are not physically meeting them but one thing that has always been looked down upon NHL players is the fact that a lot do not communicate or speak English very well. With star like Ovechkin, Malkin and Datsyuk all having trouble speaking English, they can now communicate with there fans. You can receive a direct tweet from a player and now kids playing the game and coming up can have heroes and look up to players in a different way. It seems as if the NHL is a little behind other sports in starting social networking but they are one of the best at it. With the NFL having over 600 players/coaches on Twitter and the NHL having around 50. But every day I go on twitter to find a new player has joined and its great. Yeah some players like Paul Bissonette might slip up but if the athlete can control what he says/types then its not a problem.

Here is a list of all the confirmed NHL players on twitter:

Players not on the list:








Every team has a twitter account and also helps get breaking news and most teams and even some players do contests and give away prizes through trivia, sending in pictures and other. It is great to see the NHL using social networking and using it in a good way and the right way. If this is not your thing then so be it but it is a great way to connect to fans, teams and players.

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