Friday, July 30, 2010

Sean Avery Believes He Will Return Next Season! Do You??

Sean Avery was on Knicks Night Live(save the jokes for later) with his new/old teammate Alexander Frolov and during the interview with Al Trautwig he said he would be back. He told Al the Old Sean Avery will be back but what exactly does this mean?

Will Sean have no regard for what his coaches tell him and go out and do what he feels is best? Has Torts told him that he will be allowed to play a little more on the edge?

I think I speak for most Rangers fans in stating that I would love to see the Old Sean come back and we all know he has it in him. Frankly it makes watching the Rangers even more exciting then they already are. So what if he might get suspended or take more penalties. The addition that Sean brings when playing like himself will out weigh that.

Here are some videos showcasing the "Old" Sean Avery:

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