Friday, September 17, 2010

Some Pics From Around The NHL Training Camps!!

Kari Lehtonen's Chuck Norris Themed Mask!!
Some NHL teams have been releasing pics through Twitter from there Training Camps.  Some of the pics are of players getting headshots and pictures taken.  Others are of them talking to the media and some are of players already on the ice.  I found some of them to be interesting especially this one of Kari Lehtonen's new goalie mask with a Chuck Norris theme.

So join me after this for a look inside NHL Training Camps...

Cheechoo with Stars!!

Kaberle Talking To Media!!

MZA Talking To Media!!

Crosby Talking To Media!!

Ryan Miller With Media!!

Kovalchuk With Media!!

Harrison Of Canes!!

Volchenkov On Ice!!


Tallinder On Ice!!


Colton Orr close up!!

The Monster Filming TV Promo!!

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