Friday, September 17, 2010

Steve Zipay Tweets That MZA Is Struggling!!

Steve Zipay is with the Rangers at training camp reporting live and has stated that Zuccarello struggled through the first drill.  Now we all know that Torts runs a tough camp but this is definitely not what most Rangers fans wanted to hear.  A lot of us were hoping MZA would impress and have a great camp and maybe secure a spot on the team.  But it is still early so I guess we shouldn't jump the gun to quick.

"Zuccarello among players struggling in first drills"

The NYRangers also tweeted through there official Twitter account that Matt Gilroy was one of the most impressive early on.  Great news as he has obviously come into camp ready to make a splash and make an impact on this team.

"Group One finishes session of 3 sprint laps 6 times; Matt Gilroy was flying through all six, impressive"

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