Friday, August 13, 2010

Video Of The Day: Inception Inspired Hockey Videos!!! (UPDATED)

A couple of Hockey Fans who are good with computers and such have made some Inception inspired videos with clips and highlights mainly from last season.  This could end up becoming a new trend just like the fan made History Will Be Made Videos and I would love to see a Rangers video and since I am not particularly good with that kind of stuff, I would like to challenge Rangers fans who are good at video making to create one.  Now you have to put your heart into it to show fans of other teams that we are the best.  I will embed the videos into the post to check them out and you can see what your competition is!  I have seen a Canucks and Bruins video and one group of different teams/highlights but if there are more out there then let me know and I will post them also....

UPDATE 8/11/10: @AGallantcapsfan on Twitter created an Ovechkin Inception video.. I posted it to go with the other 3.. Now a total of 4 so far and all 4 are great!!

UPDATE 8/13/10: New Montreal Canadiens Video from Youtube.. added it 2 the group after jump...

Join me after this to see all 5 Inception videos so far....


  1. I LOVE these videos thanks for posting them, only saw the Bruins one but now I've seen all 4. Hopefully someone does a Rangers one =)

  2. Yeah the OVehkin one was made yeasterday.. will be amazing if some1 makes a Rangers 1 or a 1 of just Henrik would be epic also

  3. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, That's what you ment!
    Yeah I can definitely make one of those

  4. I love these videos. Get a Rangers 1 PLEASE