Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NYRangers Pound 4 Pound: Brandon Prust!

In the second installment of my NYRangers Pound 4 Pound series, I will be looking at Brandon Prust.  Prust was acquired from the Flames right before the Olympic break last year along with Olli Jokinen for Chris Higgins and Ales Kotalik.  Needless to say most Rangers fans were glad to get rid of Higgins and Kotalik but to get a young energetic player in Prust who can also fight pretty well was definitely a bonus.

Prust was an RFA this summer and resigned with the Rangers for two years at 800k per.  Prust is still young at 26 and late in the season when paired with Anisimov and Shelley he put together some good offensive games.  He tallied 3 goals and 3 assists in 9 games with this line.  2 of those goals were game winners.  He was not involved in any fights over this 9 game stretch. 

Prust becomes a fan favorite where ever he plays because of his willingness to fight anyone of any size even though he is only 5'11.  He showed this in only his 3rd game with the Rangers when he took on New Jersey Devils 6'4 240 pound monster Andrew Peters not once but twice in the same game.  There  is no doubt in Rangers fans minds that Prust will come out the same way this season playing with his heart on his sleeve and leaving it all on the ice.

Tale Of The Tape:
Age: 26
Height: 5'11
Weight: 195 Pounds
Position: LW/RW
# of NHL Fights: 50 (3 seasons)
# of AHL Fights: 74 (3 seasons)
# of OHL Fights: 73 (3 seasons)
Total # of Fights: 197 (9 Seasons)

HockeyFights.com Awards: (5 Nominations, 0 Wins)

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Join me after this for some of my favorite Brandon Prust fights....

Round 1 against Peters:

Prust faired a little better in Round 2:

You see the whole fight better during the replay at :50 (he pounded him)

Winchester is 6'5 and Prust landed way more shots:

He cut Stewart bad with some of those early shots:

He starts to pound Boll late in the fight but an overall great fight:


  1. This was great. I love Prust and hope he stays with the Rangers for a long time.

  2. He doesnt have the power of Boogs but has the heart of a lion lol

  3. Prust has some offensive upside. He doesnt need to fight 25 times a year if he starts putting together good offensive numbers. We have Boogs for the fighting now!

  4. Keep up the good work man, nice read! =)


  6. I remeber the Segal fight. He pounded him but the instigator/misconduct was probably warranted but I was most likely pissed at the time!

  7. Yeah that was a great trade. Hope he kicks some ass this year.

  8. I love his heart and the fact that he will take on anyone