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Crazy And Great Shootout Stats!!

An article on the history of the first five years of the shootout inspired this article.  After I read it, I decided to do some research and found out some crazy information.

Adding a shootout to the end of tied games was one of the major rule changes put in place after the 2004-05 Lockout.  Prior to the lockout if a game went through 65 minutes, the game would be a tie and both teams would get only one point.  Now all games have a winner with the shootout in place and one team always gets two points.

The shootout is no secret to Rangers fans as they are tied for the most shootouts played in the last five years.  The Rangers, Oilers and Bruins have all participated in 65 shootouts.  Approximately one out of every six regular season Rangers games have been decided by a shootout since the lockout.

Some fans hate the shootout and some love it.  I am on the side that it is better then ties and until we have a better system in place, I am all for it.

We all have our favorite shootout moments whether it be Marek Malik ending the longest shootout in history or Crosby winning the first Winter Classic in a shootout.

So the article inspired me to look up some shootout stats so join me after this for some great/crazy shootout stats and some videos... I definitely encourage you to check out the article...

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The New York Rangers have participated in the two longest shootouts in history and won both.  The longest was a November 26th, 2005 battle with the Washington Capitals in which Marek Malik scored one of the most memorable goals in shootout history in the 15th round to win it. Here is Part of 1 of that shootout and here is part 2.  The next one is tied for the second longest in history, a 13 round battle on October 7th, 2006 in which Marcel Hossa scored the only goal against the Philly Flyers.

The Novemeber 26th battle with the Washington Capitals is also tied for the most goals in a single shootout with 7.

Only 19 shootouts have decided a scoreless tie and the Rangers have been apart of 4 of those which is the most of any team.  The Rangers are 2-2 in these 4 games, and most recently lost a 1-0 game to the New Jersey Devils on January 12th, 2010 in which both goalies made more then 45 saves.  Patrik Elias scored the only shootout goal in the 4th round.  Watch the video here!

The Rangers have faced the Devils the most in the shootout, that being 9 times and this is tied for the most games against one team.  The Rangers have won five while the Devils only 4.  So we have an edge somewhere.  The Rangers have faced the Panthers seven times, winning four of those.

Henrik Lundqvist hold 6 of the top 13 spots on the "Most shootout attempts versus one goalie list."  He has faced Zach Parise seven times which is the most one goalie has faced one player.  Zach has only scored on three of those attempts.  Lundqvist has also faced Miroslav Stan(2), Patrik Elias(3), Jamie Langenbrunner(1), Phil Kessel(2) and Brian Gionta(1) five times each.  The number next to there name is how many times they have scored on Hank.

Former Ranger Ales Kotalik is 4th in most goals with 21 in 42 attempts.  Current Ranger Erik Christensen is 10th with 18 in 35 attempts.

Marion Gaborik has the 6th worst shooting percentage with at least 10 attempts.  He is 2 for 18 with a 11.11%.  Others in the top 12: Dany Heatlet, Eric Staal, Kyle Okposo and Bobby Ryan.

14 players who have had a shootout attempt have a 100% shooting percentage.  12 of those shooters have only taken one attempt.  P.A Parenteau is 3 for 3 on shootout attempts, all of which came last year.

P.A Parenteau also had the longest scoring streak in Rangers shootout history going 3 for 3 last year.  His streak technically still continues this season with the Isles.

Most shootout attempts in one season for the Rangers was Brendan Shanahan who had 15 attempts in 2007-08.  He scored on 5 of them.

Most goals in one season for a Ranger goes to Nigel Dawes(2007-08), Brendan Shanahan(2007-08), Markus Naslund(2008-09), Michael Nylander(2005-06),(2006-07) and Nik Zherdev(2008-09) all scoring 5 goals in one year.  Of course Michael Nylander did it twice.

Only 3 Rangers who have taken a minimum of 5 shots in 1 season have missed on them all, Chris Drury went 0 for 5 in 2007-08, Jaromir Jagr went 0 for 5 in 2007-08 and Petr Prucha went 0 for 6 in 2006-07.

Henrik Lundqvist has competed in the second most amount of shootouts with 51 and won the second most amount of games with 30.  He is only behind Martin Brodeur in both stats.

Henrik Lundqvist longest shootout winning streak is 6 games from November-December of the 2008 season.

Hank has the 10th highest save percentage stopping 143 of 191 shot for a .749%.. In contrast New Rangers back-up Marty Biron has one of the worst shootout saving percentages with a .533% only saving about half the shots he faces.

No team has gone undefeated in one single season in the shootout.

My favorite shootout goal of all time:

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