Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hockey Becoming More Popular Among Younger Stars!!

Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato at a Kings Game!!
Listen we all know that guys like Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Mike Meyers, Kevin Smith and Snoop Dogg are Hockey fans and supporters of NHL teams but to be honest, those guys are old and some aren't that famous anymore. 

But now a new crop of young stars in Hollywood have become Hockey fans. This allows for there younger fans to be come interested in Hockey when the are young.  This gives them the opportunity to play the sport and become die hard Hockey fans(which most hokey fans are) and grow the support of the league.  At times the league is looked down upon or as the 4th best sport so younger people decided not to pat attention because its not "cool".  But with there favorite star or idol being a hockey fan then maybe that will change there mind.

A Tweet by the NHL which showed a comment by Taylor Swift in People Magazine got me thinking so I did some research on it. The Tweet read "I love The Nashville Predators & I love going to hockey games. But I get stressed out when they start fighting...." Now of course I hope the NHL doesn't take her advice but I doubt they will.  So I looked up some other young stars who are Hockey fans and the group definitely surprised me, especially since some of todays biggest stars are in fact Hockey fans/supporters.

Join me after this to see some off today's young stars who are hockey fans....

Justin Bieber who is one of the biggest stars in the music world right now is a huge hockey fan(well he is Canadian but he still counts).  He is only 16 and has a huge following of young fans.  Not only is he a huge supporter of the Toronto Maple Leafs but he plays Hockey in the Atlanta area.  Here is a video from HockeyHub.Net of him practicing!  Not only that but he was with Kevin Weekes today, check this tweet.

Yo chillin with @kevinweekes NHL goalie.. Hes tight! follow him.

Drake, one of the biggest new rappers to hit the airwaves last year is a huge hockey fan.  Of course he is also Canadian but is a huge U.S star.  He has one of the best selling albums of 2010 so far.  He is also very young at 23.  He made a reference to Emilio Estevez from The Mighty Ducks in his first ever video for the song "Best I Ever Had".  He too is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

The aforementioned Taylor Swift who has been spotted at Los Angeles Kings and Nashville Predators games multiple times.  She is one of the biggest music stars in the world and had the best selling album if 2009.  She has also introduced fellow young stars such as Demi Lovato, Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez to hockey by taking them to games.

Kevin Connolly, one of the stars of HBO's Entourage has been an Islanders fan his whole life.  He even wears Islanders shirts throughout the show and had an Islanders Screen Saver on his computer during the show for a couple of seasons.  Kevin was sitting at the Islanders Draft Table during the 2010 Draft for the whole event and even announce there second pick in the first round.  He shows huge support of the crappy Isles and even talks about them when he goes on Talk Shows(I've been told).

There are plenty more stars like Elisha Cuthbert, Evangeline Lilly, Jimmy Fallon, Kurt Russell, Denis Leary, Matthew Perry, Chris Jericho, Jim Carey, Russell Crowe, Adam Sandler, Mark Wahlberg, Georges St. Pierre, Kristen Bell and Jim Belushi who have all showed there support of Hockey.  Not to mention Willa Ford and young stars Carrie Underwood and Hilary Duff who are married to NHL players.  And the 5 guys I named in the opening of this piece.  I could document them all but the point of this piece was to document some of the young stars today who are showing some great support for Hockey and the NHL.

Listen I'm not saying that this is some monumental breakthrough or something but it is a sign that the NHL is growing and growing in support.  There was a day when not many stars(or people for that matter) wanted to say they were hockey fans and now it seems that a lot of them are showing there true colors and supporting the game.  The point is that they care enough to show there support which proves how true of a fan they actually are.  Enough Celebrities who showed support before are showing even more now by wearing jerseys, going to games and getting involved with the league.  Not to mention that the game has become more exciting since the lockout and is drawing in a lot of new fans.

Here are some pictures of Celebrity Hockey Fans:


  1. Yeah this is true. I have been noticing more and more stars saying they like hockey and showing support for the game which is great to see. It is deff. becoming more popular. Drake, Bieber and Swift all have young fans and alot of them and its great to see them letting people know how great the game is..

  2. This isn't the first time i've heard Swift talk about hockey and apparently she goes to alot of games also. I live in the Nashville area and I have seen her at Preds games a couple of times. Very nice.

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