Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NYRangers Pound 4 Pound: Sean Avery!!

Most Rangers Fans can agree that when playing his style and while playing at the top of his game, Sean Avery can be one of the most important assets in the league.  He's the kind of guy that you love when he's on your team and you hate when he's not.  The fact that the Rangers have gone out and acquired Sean twice just shows his value.  Not one player in the game today fits the agitator role as good as Avery and on top of that, the guy actually has some skill.  The problem with Avery is that those skills only come out when he plays "his way" and Tortorella is not a fan of his style. 

Sean claimed in an interview with MSG that he would be back next year.  Tortorella also claimed in an interview with Stan Fischler that he has not slapped Avery with any restrictions: "After I benched him against the Thrashers, he played his best hockey but I don't know why it came down to that. Despite what some have said, I put no handcuffs on him. I want Sean to show his personality. Last year I gave him a lot of opportunities and now that I think about it, I may have left him in too long. The bottom line is that if he's not involved, he won't play."  We will have to wait and see how this plays out but this seems like it could be Sean's last shot.  Because after what transpired in Dallas, it seems like the only team that will take him is the Rangers.

Sean has had some great moments in the NHL such as his battles with Brodeur(videos below), jumping Fedotenko, sloppy seconds anyone? and many more.  Most of these videos will be found below.

Tale Of The Tape:
Height: 5'10
Weight: 195 Pounds
Age: 30
Position: C/LW
# of NHL Fights: 67 (8 Seasons)
# of AHL Fights: 2 (1 Season)
# of OHL Fights: 35 (3 seasons)
Total # of Fights: 104 (12 seasons)

So join me after this to see not only some of Sean's best fights but some of his greatest moments.....

Why don't we start off with The "Avery" Rule.  Not only does Avery face Brodeur and screen him but he tops it all off by scoring. To me this video never gets old:

Short Video of him calling Brodeur "fatso" after he declined to shake his hand. This is Classic:

Compilation of The Best Of Avery vs. Brodeur:

TSN does an Avery top 10:

Avery smacks Tim Thomas in the back of the head with his stick during a TV timeout:

Avery takes out Gervais(I was at this game):

Avery mocks Talbot for fighting like a bitch(I was at this game also on my birthday):

Avery beats up on Malone:

Avery defends Gaborik......


  1. Some of these videos are priceless and classic Avery. He will be running through the NHL again this season. One of my favorite Rangers of all time because he always finds a way to make the game exciting. Hope Tortorella lets him play.